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WashedMC was created by experienced server owners, who understand how to host game servers. We have a great, easy-to-use control panel, and fast game servers, all for outrageously cheap prices.

Faster than the competition

WashedMC hosting is faster than the competition, thanks to our fast serversr.

Testing conditions: PaperMC 1.17.1, Sydney AU (or closest), cheapest plan, out of the box plugins, tested on 23/10/21 and 13/11/21, doesn't include time from first-bootup operations. Disclaimer: you may have different results.


How much storage do I get?

We allow you to use as much storage as you need as long as it is only used for your Minecraft server. Storage cannot be used for archives.

Do you limit player slots and/or plugins?

No! We never limit player slots or plugins. We only recommend you to have under a specific amount. There will be a default cap of 20 though, but you can change this in the control panel. This is just Minecraft's default limit, don't worry!

Why not free?

Free hosting is usually riddled with ads, low quality hardware, glitches, and privacy concerns. That is how they save, and earn money. We do not do this, we earn money from selling services to you. You are the customer, not the service.

Do you offer MySQL database hosting?

Yes! You can get up to 25 databases. You can get these databases straight on the Panel!
We are currently working on this feature. If you require a MySQL database, please tell us in our LiveChat or our Discord server and we can give you one hosted externally, which will be migrated when we finish our internal MySQL servers.


Your adventure awaits...

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