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We use AMD Epyc Server CPUs and ULTRA-FAST SSDs.

Say goodbye to lag, say hello to quality.

WashedMC was created by experienced server owners, who understand how to host game servers. We have a great, easy-to-use control panel, and fast game servers, all for outrageously cheap prices.

Faster than the competition

WashedMC hosting is faster than the competition, thanks to our great servers and.

Testing conditions: PaperMC 1.17.1, Sydney AU (or closest), cheapest plan, out of the box plugins, tested on 22/10/21, doesn't include time from first-bootup operations.


What is the difference between budget and premium hosting

Premium hosting gives you access to a dedicated server instead of a VPS, giving much better performance most of the time. This does not effect your Shared/Dedicated IP or server status. If the (physical) server of your (mc) is shared with other (mc) servers, it will stay that way with premium hosting.

Do you limit player slots and/or plugins?

No! We never limit player slots or plugins. We only recommend you to have under a specific amount. There will be a default cap of 20 though, but you can change this in the control panel. This is just Minecraft's default limit, don't worry!

What is a Dedicated IP?

A Dedicated IP address gives you access to your own IP address, so you don't have to have a port string at the end of your IP address. This means you will be able to connect to my.server.ip.address, instead of my.server.ip.address:12345. It also gives you access to GeyserMC, a Bedrock compatibility layer. Dedicated IP addresses also give you your own server as an added benefit.

Do you offer MySQL database hosting?

Yes! You can get up to 25 databases on a budget plan, or up to 50 on a premium plan. You can get these databases straight on the Panel!


I would like a demo

We offer two types of demos. You can either use our demo server, hosted in Australia ( Along with the demo server, we also have a demo panel (, that is connected to a seperate server so you can tinker with it. You can also get a full short demo by asking a staff member in the live chat or discord server.

Why didn't I get my server?

Servers usually take under half an hour to setup and be linked to your account. In the odd case that it takes longer than 12 hours, please contact our live chat on the bottom right of the screen. Please tell us in under 7 days, or you'll be charged without getting your product!

I want a refund!

Please do not chargeback! There are 2 ways we can refund you. If it was an accidental purchase and it has been less than 2 weeks since you made the purchase, we will be able to refund your whole purchase. If it wasn't an accidental purchase, and/or it's been over 2 weeks, we will be able to cancel your purchase at the end of the billing cycle.
If you would like to request a refund, and meet the criteria, please use our live chat. We usually respond within 3 hours, or you can create a ticket in our Discord server (listed in the site footer)

Where will my Panel login information be sent?

Your server address and panel login information will be sent to you via email and will be in your client area once setup. Please make sure your email is correct before purchasing, or we may not be able to give you your product.

I want, can I buy it with you?

No, we do not currently sell domains, but you can buy a domain with Namecheap, Porkbun, or Cloudflare.

Can I link my domain with my Minecraft server?

Ofcourse! If you have a Dedicated IP, it can be easier to link your domain. With a Dedicated IP, you can login to your DNS provider, and create an A record with the server IP address. If you didn't buy a Dedicated IP address, you can create an SRV record with the server subdomain (e.g. Remember to turn off proxying!

Do you offer backups?

Yes! We backup your data every few months. You can always request a manual backup to be sent to you via email.

Your adventure awaits...

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