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Why us?

Fastest Hosting

We have extremely fast Minecraft server hosting. Our servers take under 20 seconds to fully boot up, faster than the self-proclaimed "world leader" in game hosting (*cough* MCProHosting *cough*)!

Testing conditions and graph shown on homepage.

Environmentally Responsible

We try our best to reduce our carbon footprint. We barely ever use paper, and if we do, we recycle it.

Cheap, and Smart

We try our best to be cheap, and high quality at the same time. We're trusted by many small servers because of this fact.


We're experienced in all kinds of hosting. WashedMC used to be a Minecraft minigame server. We later decided to move WashedMC Minigames to a new server, where it is today. In short, WashedMC, and the staff that work here, are very experienced with hosting of all sorts, including Minecraft hosting.

The Difference

All In-house

Forget all the clunky third-party control panels. With our game hosting, you get our in-house control panel, with a great design.

Most hosts pay for licenses to use control panels, and don't make them themself.

Best Hardware

Most hosts use the wrong hardware for the job. You wouldn't use a chainsaw to carve a turkey, so why should you use a 5 year old processor to host a demanding server?

Player Slots

Hosts usually make you pay for higher sized player slots. WashedMC only makes you pay for the server, and optional addons. Once you get the server, it's yours! You can change the player slots in

Hidden Fees

Many hosts have an "introductory" price, which is just a fancy way of saying "I am going to charge you $2 for the first month so you buy my product. Then after a month, I'm going to charge you $20 every month". Hosts also charge for addons that don't actually affect your server. We don't do any of this. We charge you the same price, even if it's discounted, and addons are actually useful.


A lot of hosts make you pay to remove their branding to advertise their brand. Lots of hosts make your server icon their logo, or even advertise by changing your MOTD. We don't. Once you have your server, it's yours!

Server Locations

We try to locate our servers evenly. With other hosts, server locations are crowded in some areas, and there are no servers in other areas. Some hosts also charge extra for different server locations, we will only charge you if we have to. You can see our current and planned locations below.

Main Server
Backup Server
Coming Soon

Your adventure awaits...

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